West Sumatra Destinations That Must Be Visit

Tourist destinations in West Sumatra that are loved by domestic tourists are dominant in terms of the number of visits in six regions and for foreign tourist visits, the Mentawai islands are still the prima donna.

This is based on the records of the West Sumatra Tourism Office (Dispar). As stated by the Head of Destinations and Tourism Industry, Doni Hendra, Tuesday (17/8/2021).

Doni said the large number of tourist visits were in six regions. The first is in Limapuluh Kota Regency with the Harau Valley tourist attraction and surrounding tourist destinations. Second, the City of Bukittinggi with the destination Jam Gadang and surrounding tourist attractions.

The third, Sawahlunto City with a heritage tourism destination, Ombilin Coal Mining Heritage. Then, Kota Pariaman with the tourist destination of Angso Duo Island and other surrounding objects.

Meanwhile, Pesisir Selatan Regency has Mandeh Island, Carocok and other surrounding objects. Finally, the city of Padang with the object of an integrated area of ​​​​the Padang beach and other objects around it.

“As for foreign tourists, the highest number of visits in West Sumatra is the Mentawai islands, with big waves targeting when they are surfing at sea,” said Doni.

In the midst of the sluggish tourism industry, his party is more focused on three programs in the strengthening sector for leading tourist destinations in each district/city.

“During this pandemic, we are more focused on improving leading tourist destinations and strengthening the creative economy. Starting from strengthening tourism human resources (HR), improving tourist destinations and making tourism regulations,” he said.