Water Front City Successfully Managed by Rambai Village

The success of Desa Rambai in managing the Water Front City with the Village Fund (DD) in making the river area attractive with the concept of tourism, has won the appreciation of the Mayor of Pariaman, Genius Umar.

“I appreciate Rambai Village for making a water front city program in the river area in its territory, where the Village Head, Community Leaders, Youth and community elements work hand in hand in realizing the development,” said the Mayor, Saturday (28/8/2021).

The Wako came with his family, accompanied by the Regional Secretary of Pariaman City, Yota Balad, South Pariaman District Head, M. Farid Marwan, East Pariaman District Head, M. Arif Gunawan, Rambai Village Head, Arif Fuady and other village officials.

The group enjoyed the water front city area of ??Rambai Village by riding a rubber boat to Kuraitaji Bridge, and returning to the starting point by car.

Planning and development of Water Front City in Kota Pariaman, the goal is to revitalize rivers and shorelines with beautiful and attractive concepts that can ultimately improve people’s lives.

“The beaches in Pariaman City have been used as tourist parks, as well as rivers, such as the one made by Rambai Village,” said Genius Umar.

“Currently, Pemko Pariaman has prepared the construction of a Water Front City, with a comprehensive plan for the three major rivers in this city,” he said.

The three rivers are Batang Piaman, Batang Mangau and Batang Manguang River. The three are arranged not only as waterways and flood control but also as tourist attractions.(*)