The Tourism Office of West Sumatra Held A Coordination Meeting to Prepare TdS 2021

The Tourism Office of West Sumatra held a coordination meeting to discuss several aspects about implemetation of Tour de Singkarak (TdS) 2021 in Kyriad Bumiminang Hotel Padang, on Thursday, Februari 18th 2021.

Present in this meeting from Jambi as organizer participants such as head of Economy Bureau the Provincial Secretary Muktamar Hamdi, Transportation Office, PUPR Office, National Road Hall IV Jambi Region and head of Tourism Office.

From Kerinci regency and Sungai Penuh city head of tourism office, head of public works office, head of regional development planning agency was present while the Jambi regional police are present via Zoom Online Meeting.

From the provincial government attend the head of cooperatives and small and medium enterprise office, PUPR Office, Transportation Office, health office, environmental agency and public relations bureau. From vertical agencies present the national road hall III West Sumatra region and Kapolda Sumbar represented by the head of the operation bureau, is present via Zoom Meeting. From Pengprov ISSI Sumbar present Prof. James Hellyward, and ISSI’s technical team.

The head of Tourism Office of West Sumatra Sumbar explained about several points why the TdS 2021 must be implemented although the pandemic has not ended.

“The first, TdS is Branding Position of Sumbar–Jambi tourism. The second, TdS 2021 as a bridge for the implementation of TdS 2022 to be carried out by the private sector apart from the APBD. The implementation of TdS 2021 as proof that we are able to carry out Internasional class of Event Sport Tourism with special treatment and very strict health protocol,” said Novrial.