The Island are Tourist Destination in West Sumatra

Tourist Destination in West Sumatra is complete from the culinery, the culture, the history, the nature, tradition and even the beauty of the sea and its islands. Marine tourism destination are one of the chouses that many tourists visit when they are visiting the realm of Minang.

Especially to enjoy the islands with soft white sand. Besides that, the visitors can also enjoy the others beauty like, swimming or snorkeling or relax enjoying the chill of wind. There are many island in West Sumatra that has fascination with attractive beauty.

Some islands in West Sumatra that has very exotic beauty, they are Pasumpahan Island, Cubadak Island, Mandeh Island, Siberut Island, Sipora Island, Pagang Island, Angso Duo Island, and etc.

Those islands are very famous with soft white sand beauty and its blue sea. In the island, the visitors can enjoy some activities, like banana boat, snorkeling, diving, underwater photo and etc.

For snorkeling or diving lovers, you can come tho these islands, or the beach and sea lovers you can enjoy it in West Sumatra.