The Beauty of Ngalau Simarosok

Natural tourist destination of Sumatera Barat are very beautiful, it’s can be doubted. All the beauty presented, make the visitors amazed, for example the beauty of Ngalau Indah Pangian, Goa Batu Kapal, Solok Selatan, Geopark Harau and Sijunjung and others.

Similary Ngalau Simarasok. It’s no less interesting than other natural tourism in Minangkabau. This Ngalau located in Kecamatan Baso, Agam, Sumbar, it has an exotic beauty.

Ngalau Simarasok actually is the name of a cave in the Simarasok which is a part of Nagari Sungai Janiah, Kabupaten Agam, Provinsi Sumatera Barat. The visitors will feel merges with nature, because besides there is a cave, there is also a river that flows, lush tress and fresh atmosphere because it is away from th crowd.

When entering the cave, the visitors can see the beautiful sparkle of stallictites and stalagmites stones from inside the cave. Based on information, Ngalau Simarasok has a length that connects between Jorong Simarasok dengan Jorong Tabek Panjang.

The river flow around the Ngalau, can explored by renting a local community boat.