The Beauty of Mini Waterfall On Pesisir Selatan

The Tawa River Workshop located in Nagari Setara Nanggalo, Koto XI Tarusan District has very good natural tourism potential. In the area there are also mini waterfalls and unique large stones with a beautiful natural atmosphere.

One of the residents, Darpus said that the nature of Sarasah Sungai Tawa can be developed as a new tourist attraction that can increase tourist visits.

“Sarasah Sungai Tawa is an area that is still natural and has a feel of natural beauty. If it is developed, the area will be visited by many tourists both inside and outside the area,” he said, Friday (6/8/2021).

Then, Epi, another resident said the mini waterfall in the Sarasah River Tawa area has its own uniqueness and becomes a tourist attraction.

In addition to having natural tourism potential, the Sungai Tawa Sarasah is also a source of irrigation that flows agricultural land in the area.

“Yes, the water from Sarasah Sungai Tawa is used by farmers to irrigate agricultural land. Then the area is also potential for the development of aquaculture,” he said.

Epi hopes that the district government through the relevant regional apparatus can develop the tourism potential of Sarasah Sungai Tawa as a tourist attraction.

“We believe that if it is developed it will be able to attract tourist visits. This will also have an impact on improving the economy of the surrounding community,” he said.