Sianok Canyon Tour on the border of Bukittinggi

Sianok canyon is a steep valley. The gorge has a depth of 100 meters and an outer 15 km, with a width of 200 meters. the valley is long and winding. This Sianok canyon stretches from the south of the Sianok canyon from the city of Gadang to the nagari.

This tour is located in the city of Padang Panjang. Padang Panjang is a small town in West Sumatra. This city has the nickname Egypte Van Andalas which is not far from the city of Padang, with a distance of 96.7 km.

Padang Panjang was also the center of government in West Sumatra in the Dutch era. This long Padang from West Sumatra is 2 hours away.

This city has cultural and scenic beauty as well as extraordinary culinary.