Sarasah Banyak Gariang


Mont of waterfalls at are though to reach one of reach one of them is Sikayan Balumuik which located at Pauh district. Prepare to get wet here,even if visitors have to make some river crossings to get to its multiple cascades. Another two are fun to be visited they are Banyak Gariang Waterfalls and tigo tingkek waterfalls.

Sarasah (waterfalls) Banyak Gariang Is an ideal spot for picnics, which attracts local and foreign taurist a like. The waterfalls cascades down the rock face about 90 meter into a small pool below. a dip into the cool mountain waters is an enjoyable experience, especially when the weather is hot. it is located on pauh district just 17 km from central market. However, its moderately difficult accessibility does not stop visitor from dropping by, as many people think, but it`s worth the adventurous hike.

Tigo Tingkek Waterfalls consists of three level with the rhythmic sounds of cascading down on the stones and the magnificent sight of water glittering in the sunlight, Tiga Tingkek Waterfalls is truly a place to relax and enjoy. it is located at Bunguih Kabuang District about 25 Km to the south of Padang City.

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