Penerjunan Kayak Pertama di Indonesia ada di Solok Selatan


Penerjunan Kayak Pertama di Indonesia ada di Solok Selatan
Penerjunan kayak pertama di Indonesia setinggi 16 m dilakukan di Solok Selatan dilakukan oleh kayaker asal Afrika Selatan.
Empat orang Kayaker Internasional yang tengah mengikuti kegiatan survei dan eksebisi kayak arus deras di Solok Selatan menyatakan, wilayah yang dikenal sebagai Negeri Seribu Rumah Gadang memiliki sungai-sungai dengan kualitas kelas dunia untuk menjadi destinasi wisata kayak arus deras (Whitewater Kayaking). Sehingga tak pelak sebutan buat Solok Selatan bertambah satu lagi menjadi Negeri Seribu Sungai.

tangsi empat
Air Tarjun Tangsi Ampek | Adrian Tregoning

Penerjuan pertama itu dilakukan pada tanggal 24 November 2009 karena penasaran dengan Air Terjun Tangsi Ampek
Berikut kutipan dari blog salah satu Kayaker Adrian Tregoning
Tuesday 24 November 2009. It was decided we’d drive back to the Sungai Rumbai to have a look at the Tangsi Empat Falls.Tangsi means jail and Empat means four. But as in many Indonesian words they are said swopped around in English – so Four Jail Falls. This beastly drop consists of a top drop which is probably runnable, followed by an in between rapid and then the final drop. The final was the one we wanted to look at.
The river had dropped since we had first descended the section above the falls and it looked like an awful far way to fall in not very aerated water. Not surprisingly, only Andrew and Hugh wanted to run this drop so they climbed into their boats and paddled to the base of the drop, inspecting it again. The back of the falls lands on rock and the drop is believed to be rather shallow too. Eventually they hiked out and drove up to get above the falls and get down to the middle pool. They scouted a bit and you could see them talking and eventually Andrew decided to fire it up. He paddled down over the bony lip with speed and projected a touch away from the falls, leaning forward to get his nose down. On touchdown his paddle hit his lip but he was ok and in good working order. Job very well done! He had first descended the bottom drop of the Tangsi Empat, a drop of about 16m high.
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