Pasir Jambak


Most visitors come to Beach on the weekends. Visitors can swim or enjoy fresh coconuts from local seller. Sometimes people see airplanes flying low close to the beach ( the airport of West Sumatera is located nearby Pasie Jambak Beach ) and cowherd with his cows passes through the beach. Here on Pasie Jambak Beach, visitors can try “ Udang” (a local shrimps satay) sold by mostly lokal women.

There are also a few guesthouses around Pasi Jambak Beach. The “Unle Jack Guesthouse” is one of the well known accommodations among the western tourists. Just in front of Pasie Jambak beach there is an island are natural landscape, adventures, swimming, sailing, and camping. Visitor can enjoy the beauty of this island's seabed by snorkeling. The coral reefs coverange is only 5 meters in depth which makes this island only suit for snorkeling.