Sejarah Kota Padang


New developed area mainly visited by traders on their way to and the Acehnese was also started to come to . Since the 16th and 17th centuries pepper was cultivated and traded with India, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. In 1663 the city came under the authority of the Dutch. The Dutch built a trading post here in 168o under the name of VOC (Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie) orthe Dutch East India Company.

In 178o the most important trade product was gold, originatingfrom the gold mines in the region. When the mines were exhausted, the emphasis turned to other products such as coffe, salts and textilest.

The Dutch Colonization era had left many colonial style buildings around area, while the relation with Aceh had left the influence to the style of traditional house of West Sumatera which resembles the look of Aceh's traditional house.

Today, Padang already becomes a busy capital city of West Sumatera with population just over 1 million and still dominated with many buildings equippen with traditional stlyle of bull horn shaped roofs. Padang is the gateway of the West Sumatera Province. It is also one of the safest Cities in and a popular tourist's destination famous for its rich culture and delicious cuisines.

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