Highlight TdS 2021, The Tourists Can Enjoy The Best Stage of TdS

In that occasion, the other team members was present, namely the head of PB ISSI’s refereeing departmen Pratomo and facilities and infrastructure sector of PB ISSI Al Ibrahim.

The head of marketing department of West Sumatra tourism office said that, he get the task from head of the tourism office to immediately follow up the direction of Governor of Sumatera Barat and the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy at the meeting on Thursday February 4, 2021 in the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy office to discuss the technical implementation of TdS with PB ISSI team.

“Alhamdulillah the minister is very support it. But must be implemented health protocol,” he said.

One of the important point in this meeting is holding a coordination meeting with all district and other stakeholders , especially Satgas Covid-19 and related agencies in handling pandemics.

“We and the team agreed to work optimally for the success of the implementation of TdS 2021,” said Agung with head of the promotion sector Renita. (*)