Festival Tabuik, Kota Pariaman

Festival Tabuik Kota pariaman

, or trunk, is a statue of a Buraq, a creature resembling a horse with a female head and a pair of wide wings
and a tail. “The Tabuik” itself is actually made of bamboo, rattan and paper. On its back is a trunk filled with decorated
jewelery shaded by a paper umbrella. A ritual procession symbolizeds an event in Karbala war that was introduced by Moslem
Tamil troops from India. This procession has already evolved into a festivals which involves all people in .

a city that is located about 60 km away from . The includes reenactments of the battle of Karbala, and the playing of
tassa and dhol drums. During the week of Tabuik many activities are held including kite races, traditional plays such as
and traditional plays. Held annually during the first ten day of Muharram (Islamic Calender), thousands of people
will gather on Gandoriah Beach when the “Tabuik are trown to the sae.