Dream Park Bukik Chinangkiek

Lake Singkarak stretches widely, it can see from the top of Chinangkiek Hill which was transformed into a national tourist. This area become a beautiful tourist attraction that makes the visitors who came amazed.

Cool and exudes great charm when heading into the area of Bukik Chinangkiek. Across the beauty of the Lake Singkarak, green rice fields. Steep incline, winding roads are a challenge towards this new icon in Solok Regency, Sumatera Barat

The swimming pool, homestay, resto and the boat infrastructure cafe adds to the beauty of Chinangkiek Hill. Four-wheeled motorbikes are also there. It will test our guts when driving on hill climbs and steep descents.

“All this I designed by myself, without consultant. This 20 hectare land, will also be built housing, so that can be tourist village,” said Epyardi Asda, owner of this place.

He makes variety of facilities that becomes glory this tourist attraction. “We will pamper visitors with a variety of games and facilities, in addition to natural beauty,” said Athari’s father.

He also said that this location has an area of 20 hectares and 180 employees and complete with various facilities and modes. Such as ATV, Mini Waterpark, Boom Boom Car, Flying fox, Outbound, Camping ground, 4 units of Musholla, 8 units of cafe, 10 units of Home Stay Cottage, 1 units of Convention Hall, and 4 units of Meeting Room.

“Including a fruit garden. 150 Durian Montong’s tress will make this place the center of durian tourism. For the planning in this year, a bird waterpark will be developed, and also a fruit garden and 4 star hotel,” he said. It cost is IDR 15.000 per people.

Epyardi Asda said that, he makes this tourist location to open up job opportunities for the surrounding community of Chinangkiek Hill. Besides that, he also open the outer eye that Solok Regency has big potential in developed tourism, local and international. “It will be my priority, if I was entrusted with being the governor of Sumatera Barat,” he said ending.(*)