Discuss About TdS 2021, The Guvernor of Sumbar meet Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and the Chairman of PB ISSI

Then, the head of PB ISSI explain that there is something different in implementation of TdS 2021.

“TdS 2021 will be opened 2 stages to the public with the format Community Race, Cycling for All. Insya Allah, I and the Ministry will attend one of these stages. I will register the Ministry of Tourism,” said Raja Sapta Oktohari.

The governor Irwan Prayitno said that the implementation of Tour de Singkarak tahun 2021 is the 12th time, where since 2019 it has involved the province of Jambi and given the tagline Connecting Sumatra.

“Because it hass involved 2 provinces, for that we ask the ministry to provide more intense support. We also support suggestion of the head of Umum PB ISSI about 2 stages Cycling for All. It is hoped that enthusiastic drivers will become part of TdS and participate in promoting Sumatra Barat and Jambi in particular, Indonesia in general, as a tourist destination worth visiting,” said Irwan.

Besides discuss about the implementation of TdS 2021, this meeting was also used by the governor to convey various proposals for support from ministries related to West Sumatra Tourism.