Bunguih Villange


Bungih Villange is located in a quiet bay Bungus with beautiful natural scenery. The hills that surround the beach looks like tower of view toward the sea. Sloping beaches with white sand that is suitable for a variety of recreation such as swimming, diving, sunbathing, or boating towards small islands not far from the beach of Bunguih.

Located 12 km south of , or 45 minutes of travel, the beach is easily reached by land transportation. Many places of interest for tourism are located in Bunguih such as Caroline Beach, Nirwana Beach, Beremas Beach. All those beaches have white and clear sand. Simply relax on the beach while enjoying the sunset at this amazing bay is an alternative activity at bunguih village. Sitting under a shady palm tree in the vicinity of the beach is also exciting.

Few Islands are also located in Bunguih, they are Pasumpahan, Sironjong, Sinyaru, and Sikuai. There is also a small fort from the Japan Colonial era in Bungus. Beside for it's beautiful lanscape and beaches, Bungus District is also famous for its Fish Head Curry.

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