Al-Hakim Padang Mosque Becomes Religious Tourism

Al-Hakim Mosque which is located on Jalan Samudera, Berok Nipah, Padang Beach is now a tourist attraction that is generally from outside Padang.

Its strategic location in the Padang Beach area attracts visitors to stop for worship and just take pictures in the mosque’s courtyard.

Mutia, for example, one from outside Padang, admitted that she was curious about visiting the Al-Hakim mosque after it went viral on social media.

Because of curiosity, Mutia and friends took the time to come and take pictures.

“Because the mosque is viral, I’m curious to come here to see it. This mosque is nice, clean and close to the beach,” said Mutia.

The management of the Al-Hakim mosque is managed traditionally and professionally. So that this mosque looks clean, beautiful and beautiful. No wonder many tourists take the time to visit the Al-hakim mosque.(*)